MoDOT crews out in full force

MoDOT crews were out in full force Friday battling the snow to keep the roads clear for holiday travelers.

Snow plow drivers were out early Friday morning to make sure those traveling could make it to their holiday destinations.

Those passing through Missouri had to battle the snow but found Missouri roads were better than others.

"The roads down here are better than Illinois. In Illinois it's been kind of piling down and the roads are not that great, Traveling from Illinois Jessica Tosh said. They TMre not really clear."

"Kansas City wasn't bad. Coming out of Kansas City, it got slick and coming into Columbia it got slick, Traveling from Colorado Stephani Schwettman said.

MoDOT said early Friday morning the roads were pretty slick, but now they're not that bad.

"I think they shouldn't have a problem driving, but still give yourself a little extra time. I TMm not sure about I-70 that's out of my area, but if they're anything like here they're wet, MoDOT Brent Howard said. So I just encourage everybody to slow down a little and be safe."

Howard said Mother Nature helped MoDOT by making the snow easy to plow this time.

But he said while the snow is a problem, it's the ice you have to worry about.

"The snow it's easier to see for the public and it's easier for us to fight because we can kind of tell by the color of snow whether it's freezing down or if it's slushy. Ice though you have no idea, Howard said. It's either wet or it's ice. There is no in-between."

Howard said MoDOT will keep all snow plows running until all the roads are clear.

To check road conditions statewide before you head out, click here.