MO House debates health care law

Tuesday, the Missouri House debated and then passed a resolution calling on the state attorney general to get involved in efforts to block the new federal health care law.

T he resolution calls on Attorney General Chris Koster to, defend the anti-Washington ballot measure approved by voters in August, and to join some two dozen other states now suing the federal government over mandates in the health care law.

R epresentative Ward Franz of West Plains said, "By the people of Missouri voting for Proposition "C" with a vote of over 71 percent, and by their turnout at the polls in November's election, they've made it clear that they're both tired and scared of direction this great country of ours is going."

P helps County Republican newcomer Keith Frederick was among those who spoke against the bill.

G OP rookie Paul Curtman of Franklin County added language calling on Missouri's congressional delegation to unify against the health care law. House Democrats could not throw much of a counterpunch. They did manage to get a reference to Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder changed. The resolution now clarifies that Kinder is suing the health care law as a private citizen, not as a constitutional officer.

R epresentative Chris Kelly (D) of Columbia said, "...and none of us support the unilateral expansion of executive authority..."

D emocrats argued the resolution is non-binding on the attorney general and calls for a waste of the taxpayers time and money.

R epresentative Jill Schupp (D) of Creve Ceour said, "The state is going to be bound by the court's ultimate decision, whether or not this state is a party to this lawsuit."