MO Farm Bureau dissappointed after Prob B passes

The initiative limits commercial kennels to 50 breeding dogs and imposes new housing standards.

But some are concerned it's a slippery slope to putting new restrictions on all animal agriculture.

Even before Tuesday TMs election opponents were sounding the alarm about the intentions of the group promoting Prop B, The Humane Society of the United States.

"They have destroyed the pork industry in Florida with a ballot initiative. They TMve destroyed the egg industry in California with a ballot initiative, and now they're going after dog breeders in Missouri, Opposed Prop B Dave Miller said. The next step is going to be to go after the pork people, chicken people, cattle people, and whatever.

But the Missouri Protection of Dogs organization tells KRCG that this proposition is only for dogs.

"Proposition B is about one issue and one issue only. The language has nothing to do with any animals, other than dogs, Campaign Manager for MO Protection of Dogs Barbara Schmitz said. I think if there are some folks who are concerned about it, their minds will be put to ease as they see Prop B being implemented and having the effect that it's suppose to have."

The farm bureau agrees, but fears that HSUS and other animal activists groups will be back in Missouri targeting farmers next.

"If you would look at what HSUS and other activists organizations are doing and have been in other states in regards of regulating animal production. They have been to at least 15 states and they've done that, MO Farm Bureau Kelly Smith said. That TMs why there is concern for Missouri farmers and ranchers because of the activity has been and is currently going on in other states in regards to animal production."

Smith said he was glad to see such a great voter turnout Tuesday, but is disappointed with the outcome.

He said the next step is to continue educating people about the rights of animal producers.

The new rules for dog breeders will go into effect next November.