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      Mizzou game day parking can be dangerous

      More than 60,000 people came to Columbia on Saturday afternoon for the kick-off of the Mizzou Tiger football season.

      Some Tiger fans said parking on game day can be dangerous.

      Thousands of Tiger fans parked on the shoulder of the road at the Tigersâ?? home opener. Fans are allowed to park on the shoulder until the end of the game. Most of them did it out of necessity, not out of choice.

      Tiger fan Kevin Fox said, â??It was the only place that I could find, literally. We werenâ??t sure what to do. We couldnâ??t believe how far it is. I mean, itâ??s a good couple of miles hike to get down to the stadium.â??

      Tiger fan Gaele Craig said, â??Iâ??m an alumnus from Mizzou. I toured the campus and looked for the parking that used to exist. It wasnâ??t there anymore, so I decided to park out in the boondocks. This is where we are and we will take a hike to the game.â??

      Game day traffic is heavier this year because the Tigers sold the second highest number of season tickets in their history. They also sold out 10,000 student tickets.

      University Police said more people are parking on the shoulder of the road with this seasonâ??s larger crowds. Their main concern is after the game when some fans are drinking alcohol.

      University Police said some intoxicated fans walk in and out of traffic as they go back to their cars parked on the shoulder.

      MUPD Captain Brian Weimer said, â??Itâ??s not safe, especially when you see people walking back at night. A lot of people get out in the road. There is a lot of traffic. It is a dangerous thing.â??

      Weimer said more than a 100 officers from several law enforcement agencies will keep an eye on traffic and other activities at every Tiger football home game this season.