Mizzou experts discuss Ukrainian crisis

The roundtable raised awareness of the Ukrainian crisis and explained some facts about the country.

Mizzou students and researchers with Ukrainian ties held a roundtable discussion on campus.

Panel member Roman Kolgushev entered Mizzouâ??s journalism graduate school about a year ago. He is a Ukrainian citizen and worked as a reporter there for 5 years. He supports the United Statesâ?? efforts to stop the aggression of Russian forces.

Kolgushev said, â??Iâ??m very appreciative of what the United States is doing. I hope with the help of the international community, Ukraine will be gladly out of this very hard crisis.â??

Panel members asked for a moment of silence for the Ukrainians killed so far during this crisis. MU researcher Ana Kucher was born in the Ukraine and worries about the safety of her parents and family members.

Kucher said, â??So far, they said the situation, at least for them, is under control. The psychological effect of all of this is enormous. They feel a lot of fear. They have fear.â??

Organizers said the purpose of the roundtable was to raise awareness of the Ukrainian crisis and explain some facts about the country. They plan to have another roundtable discussion in the near future.

MUâ??s International Center, the Division of Applied Social Sciences and Department of Geography sponsored the roundtable.