Mizzou Cotton Bowl tickets sold out

The Cotton Bowl allows 12,500 tickets for each team.

Mizzou sold out their share of tickets for the Cotton Bowl.

Those tickets went on sale today at noon.

The tigers will play Oklahoma State January 3 in Arlington, Texas.

The Cotton Bowl allows 12,500 tickets for each team. Mizzou sold their entire share in a matter of hours at $140 each. Buyers had a limit of 6 tickets. Kathy Scott of Howard County bought 4 tickets for herself and her friends.

Scott said, â??They say that the arena is awesome and so is the whole atmosphere down there. Weâ??re just excited to go.â??

Third party ticket sellers like Stub Hub and Vivid Seats are the only place you can still find tickets. The Mizzou Alumni Association is offering Cotton Bowl travel packages starting around $1,400.

Executive Director Todd McCubbin said, â??Itâ??s a 2 night trip down to Dallas. Weâ??ll fly out of Columbia on a charter aircraft. Weâ??ll go down and stay in Dallas for a couple of nights. That includes the pregame event. It will be a great trip to watch our Tigers in the Cotton Bowl.â??

This is not the Tigersâ?? first trip to the Cotton Bowl. They beat Arkansas 38 to 7 in 2008.

The Cotton Bowl is the 9th bowl for Gary Pinkel as head coach of the Tigers.