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      McCaskill issues weight loss scam warning

      Senator Claire McCaskill wants Americans to let her know if theyâ??ve been swindled by going to the â??submit-your-scamâ?? section on her website.

      Many people make a New Year??s resolution to lose weight.

      Senator Claire McCaskill wants Missourians to watch out for weight loss scam artists.

      McCaskill chairs a subcommittee on consumer protection.

      She wants Americans to let her know if they??ve been swindled by going to the ??submit-your-scam?? section on her website.

      McCaskill said too many people are scammed by food additives, skin creams and dietary supplements that never deliver on promised results.

      McCaskill said, ??You cannot believe what you hear about an easy shortcut. These companies are committing fraud. They are lying to consumers about what their products do. We are going to try to get to the bottom of it and make sure there is some accountability and punishment for these companies that are falsifying information.??

      McCaskill said common sense tells you can??t lose weight unless you eat less and move more.