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      Mail carrier handles the heat

      Scorching temperatures are back as all of Mid-Missouri remains under a heat advisory through Tuesday.

      Walking through neighborhoods with a heat index of more than 100 degrees is nothing new for Columbia mail carrier Jeff Connell. For more than 29 years, Connell has delivered mail through the snow, sleet, rain and scorching sunshine.

      Connell said, â??I have shorts and a short sleeve shirt. We usually wear a T-shirt because a T-shirt underneath absorbs a lot of the heat. It keeps you cooler once your T-shirt gets wet.â??

      Connell said a heat index of more than 100 degrees can be a blessing in disguise.

      Connell said, â??I like to sweat. Itâ??s good for you. People pay good money to go to a hot yoga and all that kind of stuff. We get to do it for free out here.â??

      Connell knows the heat can also be dangerous.

      Connell said, â??We had a carrier pass away in Kansas City last year because the heat was unbearable day after day. I do get light headed, yes.â??

      Connell said there is no escaping the sun while delivering mail. Some of his customers show him appreciation while itâ??s this hot.

      Postal customer Cricket Dunn makes sure Connell stays safe during heat advisories by offering him a cool drink now and then.

      Dunn said, â??I like to get my mail. Anybody who takes responsibility to get your mail to you is very admirable.â??

      Connell gets through the day by drinking plenty of water in his unair-conditioned mail truck.

      Connell wants to remind everyone to check on their elderly neighbors during heat advisories.