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      Lohman Building celebrates 175 years

      Historians said the Lohman Building was the Wal-Mart of its day.

      It??s one of the oldest buildings in Jefferson City.

      Jefferson Landing State Historic Site officials celebrated the 175th birthday of the Lohman Building with an 1850??s style birthday party.

      The Lohman Building??s 175th birthday party began with live music and dancing from the Loehnig German Band and Dancers. Visitors got the chance to experience several demonstrations of 1850??s era games and crafts including rope making.

      Lake Ozark resident Randall Bunch said, ??One side reverses the strands. One side turns clockwise. It winds a rope.??

      Kathleen Boswell from Sedalia made rugs with a loom from the 1850??s.

      Boswell said, ??This was something where they used up every speck of clothing and all of their old rags and things to make a rug.??

      The Lohman Building sits on Lohman??s Landing where back in the 1850??s you couldn??t find a Missouri River Bridge, a railroad or today??s Capitol Building.

      Historians said the Lohman Building was the Wal-Mart of its day. If you needed something in Cole County during the 1850??s, it was the place to be.

      Today, the Lohman Building is an interactive museum with a general store and antiques dating back more than 100 years.

      Event organizer Chris Fritsche said, ??We wanted a different style of museum. We want people to come here and be able to touch things, to feel things and use their senses.??

      Jefferson City resident Steve Veile said more people should appreciate the past by visiting the Lohman Building and Lohman??s Landing.

      Veile said, ??The history here is amazing. I am so glad that all of this was preserved for us to see now.??

      175 years ago, the Lohman Building was a sturdy stone structure that served as a grocery store, warehouse, tavern, telegraph office and hotel for a growing capital city. Now, it??s an entrance to Cole County??s past.

      The Lohman Building??s general store offers heirloom seeds as well as hand-made, Missouri-made items for sale.