Learning is fun for students at 'College for Kids'

The 22nd annual College for Kids program is underway at William Woods University in Fulton.

College for Kids is a summer program that gives gifted students an opportunity to learn in an atmosphere tuned to their abilities.

"They have the opportunity to really go to college at a young age. They get to choose the classes that their taking. They get to stay in dormitories, and they really experience what, let's say, a freshmen or sophomore in college might experience at an early age, College for Kids instructor Tom Prater said.

The program is designed for kids between the third and ninth grades. Each student must have an IQ of at least 125. The program recognizes that kids with exceptional intelligence, particularly the young ones, often have difficulty being interested in school work that does not challenge them. That sometimes, leads to discipline problems.

"College for kids is to, first of all, is to teach them that learning is fun, and second of all to develop social skills for gifted students with other students. Because it's kind of hard when you TMre so intelligent to know to communicate with someone with average intelligence, College for Kids Director Sue Craghead said.

The program is not just learning. It is also set up for fun.

"I really like the classes, cause they're not just all math or anything," College for Kids student Price Phillips said. "You learn while you TMre having a lot of fun."

The college for kids program offers a lot uncommon classes. With titles like "Pop up Paper" to Radio Showcase," these classes give students a hands on experience.

"Last year I took Chocolate, Chocolate, and I really like that because, you make something with chocolate every day and you also learn about the history of chocolate," College for Kids student Rachel Byerly-Duke said.

College for kids will last until July 17, 2010 and then kick off again next year around the middle of June.