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      Lawn service scams rip off customers

      Some companies scam their customers by â??ghostingâ?? and â??splashing and dashingâ??.

      Things are looking greener outside.

      It??s that time of year when many of us think about hiring someone to help us with our lawns.

      The Better Business Bureau wants you to think twice before signing a contract with a landscaper or lawn service company.

      They said you should ask contractors whether they have done work nearby, and ask for addresses so you can inspect the work.

      Some companies scam their customers by ??ghosting?? and ??splashing and dashing??.

      Better Business Bureau Mid-Missouri Regional Director Mike Harrison said, ??It??s called ??ghosting??. Some companies won??t do the work, but they leave their bill for you in your mailbox. There??s another term called ??splash and dash?? where they do just a little bit of work, and again, they will leave the bill in the mailbox for you. We??ve gotten some complaints about that.??

      Before you sign a contract, you can check a company??s background by going to the Better Business Bureau Business Reviews website.