Lawmakers aim to put more restrictions on cold medicines

Lawmakers who support legislation to require a doctor's prescription for cold remedies containing pseudoephedrine are taking another shot this year.

A house committee heard testimony Wednesday on why the measures already taken to restrict the purchase of Sudafed and similar products have not reduced the level of methamphetamine production in Missouri.

"Without pseudoephedrine, you cannot manufacture d-methamphetamine hydrochloride, Missouri Narcotics Officers Association Jason Grellner said.

Consumer groups said meth cooks are just as likely to find a way around prescriptions as they have around log books and electronic monitoring.

They said it is unfair to consumers who need the drug to have to incur the expense and inconvenience of getting notes from their doctors.

Grellner said people have shown their willingness to be inconvenienced by adopting local prescription ordinances.

In Missouri, four communities currently have those ordinances.