Lake Ozark prepares for new tourist season

At Lake Ozark, crowds could be seen milling about the streets. Some were signing up to take a boat out on the lake, eating ice cream, or paroozing some of the boutiques nearby.

One shopkeeper told us, Labor Day weekend has been good for business so far. "It's been very good. A lot of travelers come through and they come in, especially folks who come down once a year or once a month. When they're here, they all have special stores they go in."

After Labor Day, howevever, some businesses will close up as the seasons begin to change. Rhodes says as fall approaches, locals will still come to shop at the store, but the volume of customers won't be what it is during the summer.

"I'm sure just as it happens at any business that it will slow down a certain percent, but there will still be individuals who come in almost every single day."

Tourism season won't end for most of the area's businesses. Staff at the Lake Area Chamber of Commerce say different crowds come at different times of the year to the lake, especially during the Fall.

"We get a lot more seniors, a lot more older family groups that come in here to the lake. A lot of them will be coming in October for the change of season. It's a very busy time," Karin Kopis of the Willmore Lodge said. "It's also a big shopping time because people are getting ready for Christmas too, so they do early shopping."

Kopis says while a few ice cream stands may close up until next summer, 80% of the businesses in the area will remain open well into wintertime.