Kids make Callaway County Fair possible

Children help distribute bracelets at the Kingdom of Callaway County Fair.

Members of the fair board for the Kingdom of Callaway County Fair say coordinating a week's worth of logistics wouldn't be possible without the help of some of the county's children.

Fair Board Treasurer Theresa Spencer said without the Junior Fair Board's help, the fair wouldn't run as smoothly. "As a community, the kids are part of it," Spencer said. "They need to learn how it is for people to be here, and realize that there are still people out there that care about other people."

"They're here to work and help other people," Spencer said.

16 children helped out in various capacities at the fair throughout the week. Rylie Clingman said handing out bracelets at the gates has taught her some new skills.

"Earlier today, we had some deaf people and we had to figure out how to get them through," Clingman said. "We had one person type on their phone, another one write on a notepad."

Many of the children said the experience has left them with a better understanding of why it is important to help members of the community. Evan Gough said he is happy to have had the chance to help his parents run their concession stand.

"It's important just to be here because we have all these people," Gough said. "The booths, they're very important."

One former Junior Fair Board member said even though there's no money to pay t hem, it's a win-win situation for the fair and the children.

"You meet a lot of people," Said Kayla Acton. "It helps a lot with job applications and it shows that you've worked and followed through with things. It helps you get new jobs and stuff."