Jefferson City vows to never forget 9-11

One of the ways the capital city paid tribute to the attacks ten years ago was with a parade Sunday, the Patriot's Day Parade.

Ten years ago 2,973 lives were lost in the attacks.

Jefferson City Fire Department Captain Tim Young was working that tragic day.

"It was a horrible day, I watched 343 people wearing the same uniform I did parish in something that didn't need to happen," Young said.

Even though mid Missouri is miles and miles away from where the attacks happened people at the parade said it's important that we come together as a country and never forget what happened ten years ago.

"We are paying tribute today to those that were in New York City on September 11, 2001 for the people that were victims as well as the people that we lost, people that were injured and people that just had their lives overturned by the events of that day," Young said.

Families filled the streets of downtown Jefferson City, waving and applauding.

Many of the children too young to remember, or not even born yet, but watched their heroes with such pride.

"In a small community like this everybody's already kind of close to each other and I think when we come together like this to celebrate, that's kind of a weird word for it, but celebrate how close we can be, I think that helps," mid Missourian Ben Connelly said.

"It TMs been overwhelming, the response that everyone gives during this time and I think it needs to continue on," parade watcher Paul Jenkins said.

Jenkins learned of the attacks on the radio.

"It really tore me up but you know, there are a lot of people torn up a lot worse than me because my family wasn't in it but my heart is really out there for those that lost loved ones, Jenkins said.

Stars and stripes, red white and blue lined the way for the parade, all to remember the fallen heroes of 9-11.