Jefferson City prepares for flood

Some cities and towns along the Missouri River are already seeing flooding, and others are bracing for the worst. KRCG's Monica Madeja explains what officials in Jefferson City are doing to prepare.

Signs of flooding already dot the banks of the Missouri River in Osage County. From washed out steps to residents, like Louis Tobin, who is moving his belongings out of his riverside home, to higher ground. "This is the third time we've moved, but it's worth it," he says.

Up the river, in Jefferson City, the people gather near the banks to catch a glimpse of the rising water. As of Monday night, the Army Corps of Engineers estimate river water levels in Jefferson City to be around 17 feet.

The National Weather Service expects levels to be about flooding by Tuesday afternoon. That's why Jefferson City and Cole County representatives want people to be prepared.

Cole County Presiding Commissioner, Marc Ellinger says, "We talk about it now...because folks that are in a potential hazard area have the ability to start thinking, 'do i need to stockpile things, do i need to look at other places to live?'"

Jefferson City will see its highest crest at 34.1 feet, according to the National Weather Service. But Cole County Emergency Operations director Susan Green doesn't want people to panic. "This is Monday. The prediction for the highest crest is not until Saturday morning. A lot can change between now and then."

But precautions are still being taken. A MoDot spokesperson says workers have begun hauling sand and will packing be it into bags on Tuesday. He says they will monitor low lying roads in the city and county, like Highway 179 at Sandyhook, Highway 94, even Highway 63 just north of Jefferson City for flooding.

Governor Blunt declared a state of emergency and activated the state's emergency operations center on Monday. That will mean round-the-clock monitoring and coordination of resources, including the National Guard.