Jefferson City Council: No Madison Street overpass

The Jefferson City council said expanding the 50/63 Expressway would be a better fit for the city than a Madison Street overpass.

That's what the council has decided to recommend to the Missouri Department of Transportation.

The Parkway Plan would widen 50/63 to three lanes each direction to relieve congestion instead of a more costly overpass. That plan would still be 10 to 15 years down the road.

But Jefferson City Mayor John Landwehr says a much closer project could be the Lafayette Street interchange.

"We have the federal court house coming online in about a year from now and there are other components of the MSB redevelopment area that are really going to mushroom in the next two, three, five years," Landwehr said. "So the first goal from a community standpoint is getting those users of those facilities over there in and out."

Landwehr said MoDOT has final say on both projects.