JCTV supporters rally at City Council meeting

There was a lot on the agenda at Jefferson City's city council meeting Monday night, but this meeting in particular was significant for the supporters of JCTV.

Almost every seat was filled in the council chambers for a public hearing on the upcoming city budget, which as of mid-August does not include funding for JCTV, Jefferson City's public access channel.

One by one, supporters explained to the council the particulars of what JCTV does. That includes working with local journalism students, community events, and airing unique programming. Station manager Gloria Enloe hopes the city will hear what they have to say.

"Hopefully, the city will speak to our new leadership and have an in-depth conversation about what our options are," Enloe said. "Maybe all of the funding isn't there, maybe it needs to be more of a split partnership, but I think there is something that can be arranged."

Last year, the station received $110,000 in city money. Without those funds, Enloe says the station could go dark. She says that would deliver a signficant blow to community events that the station hosts and cause local schools to lose a resource for broadcast training.

A JCTV volunteer who was at the meeting says it's more than that. "I don't think I would have my current job," said volunteer Jeff Bassinson. "I have been with Highway Patrol, working on my 20th year now. When the jobs became available in 1994, I attributed the training I got from JCTV as the proper training to acquire the proper skills to acquire that job."

Although the public got a chance for their voices to be heard, the council did not make a decision Monday night. The city council will hold a few more meetings and entertain further discussion before making their final decision.