Hundreds turn out for Dane Gregg's funeral

Longtime KWRT Broadcaster Dane Gregg passed away Monday, March 17 after a battle with cancer.

Hundreds of people turned out at Boonville High School to honor longtime KWRT broadcaster Dane Gregg, who passed away recently after a battle with cancer.

The gymnasium at Boonville high school was packed full Saturday morning for Gregg's funeral. In attendance was Gregg's family, school officials, members of Boonville's sports teams, and members of the community.

Everyone in the gymnasium had their lives touched in some way by Gregg.

"I've known Dane since I was a little kid," said baseball coach Tim Edwards. "He was my youth football coach when I was in the fifth grade. Since then, I've become the head baseball coach here and he's broadcast our games."

"I also got to broadcast football games with him for the past five years," Edwards said.

"Dane means a lot to the programs here," said Boonville High School Athletics Director Chris Shikles. "He wasn't just our football announcer. He also did basketball, baseball, and softball."

"Dane meant a lot to a lot of people, a lot of kids, an lot of coaches. He will truly be missed," Shikles said.

In addition to being the voice of Boonville's sports teams, people who knew Gregg say he was a loving husband, family member, and a role model.

"He was a very caring, loving family guy," said Gregg's brother Dean Reagan. "He was very family oriented. He loved his immediate family just like anyone else, but he adored his kids and all the family outside his family."

"He truly was a man who loved the community," Reagan said.

"The thing I am proudest the most of for my brother is that when he was diagnosed with cancer, he headed straight for it," Reagan said. "He fought to the bitter end, but he had a positive attitude. I'm proud of that."