Hundreds attend Stuck funeral

Stuck died from a gunshot wound to his stomach on Wednesday.

Huntsville Police Chief William â??Buddyâ?? Stuck has been laid to rest.

Hundreds of people gathered this afternoon from across the state for his funeral services.

Stuck died from a gunshot wound to his stomach on Wednesday.

The Randolph County Coroner has ruled out foul play and is waiting on lab results for an official cause of death.

Law enforcement officers from across the state attended Stuckâ??s funeral services in the Westran High School gymnasium. Hundreds of police cars and fire trucks surrounded the building as family and friends said goodbye. Sixth District State Representative Tim Remole said the services were emotional.

Remole said, â??It celebrated his life and what he was involved in. It told the story of all of the things that he did for the community and for the people in his life and his children as well.â??

A motorcade of emergency vehicles from across the state led the funeral procession to the Huntsville City Cemetery. Stuck was honored by a bagpipe performance of Amazing Grace, a 21-gun salute and taps. The Huntsville Police Department does not have an Honor Guard. Jefferson City Police officers filled that void.

Jefferson City Police Officer Andy Lenart said, â??Law enforcement, all over the country, is just one big family. Typically, if a law enforcement officer dies while active, law enforcement will come from all over the state to pay their respects.â??

Family members released balloons as symbol of how Stuck is gone, but not forgotten. Stuck was honored as a police chief, a firefighter and a first responder. He was 64 years old.

Stuck was also a school bus driver.

Many Huntsville children thought of him as a second grandpa.