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      Hotter-n-Hell fundraiser helps fire department

      Jefferson City firefighters are getting some new equipment to keep people safer during emergencies.

      The Second Annual Jefferson City Hotter-n-Hell 5K and Family Fun Day started with a run near the Hyde Park Training Center.

      5K runner Chris Mathews said, â??It was a hotter than hell 5K. That was a fitting name for it because thatâ??s what it was today.â??

      5K runner Kayla Yanskey said, â??Itâ??s a good cause. I heard they just celebrated their 100 years as a Jefferson City Fire Department. Thatâ??s pretty exciting.â??

      5K runner Ashley Eskens said, â??It was pretty good. It was hot at first and then the clouds came out and it was cool.â??

      5K runner Sophia Syrigos said, â??It was really good. When we started it was nice, then it got pretty hot and I was drenching with sweat.â??

      After the race, it was Family Fun Day with bounce houses, barbeque and games with prizes.

      Junior firefighter Jillian Powers said, â??We sprayed water at the fire and we put the fire out.â??

      Family Fun Day was not all fun and games. There was a serious side to the fundraiser. Administrators from Jefferson Cityâ??s Unilever Plant gave the fire department an $8,000 grant to buy some training equipment that will help save victims trapped in confined spaces.

      Jefferson City Firefighter Chris Bowen-Muenks said, â??It could be anything like a trench or inside factories. Itâ??s usually the vats or the big drums that they have.â??

      Unilever Plant Manager Doug Roy said, â??Itâ??s an opportunity for us to take our role in our community and give back and invest in the safety of our community.â??

      Firefighters expect to buy their new training equipment by the end of the year.

      Unilever was the main sponsor of the 5K run and Family Fun Day.