Holts Summit residents complain of cockroach-infested apartments

Around a dozen Holts Summit residents said Monday that their entire Evergreen Apartment building is infested with cockroaches

Residents at one building of Evergreen Apartments say a building-wide cockroach infestation has brought them sleepless nights and serious concerns for the health and well-being of their families.

Resident Sheri Shiverdecker said over the past four months, the cockroach infestation on her floor has gotten out of control.

â??At night, we leave the lights on,â?? Shiverdecker said. â??If you turn the lights off, they come out more and when you turn the lights on they scatter. So, itâ??s easier for me. It doesnâ??t make me so scared if I leave the lights on, then not so many come out.â??

However, Shiverdeckerâ??s neighbors said the problem isnâ??t confined to one area, and that the entire building is infested with several different types of roaches.

Melinda Flatoff said at night, she must constantly watch her four year-old child, to keep the bugs off of him. â??Itâ??s affecting most of the apartments here, I mean they go through the walls,â?? Flatoff said.

Tenant Michael Busse said he is concerned about the infestation because a lot of small children live in the complex and that the omnipresence of roaches poses a serious problem to everyoneâ??s health.

â??I donâ??t like the problem because I have a four year-old that likes to put everything in his mouth, and trying to keep a four year-old away from something like that is kind of difficult.â??

KRCG13 made contact with landlord Sophia Kroll and asked about the situation. Kroll declined to comment.

Tenant Kim Johnson said she hopes Kroll addresses the situation. â??I would like for them to get all the apartments exterminated at once, and not just individually,â?? Johnson said.

â??They need to get in here and take care of the problem, because I canâ??t afford to move,â?? Busse said.

Several tenants said they will be calling the Callaway County Health Department to report their concerns.