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      Hobby Lobby ruling crafts protest

      This weekâ??s controversial Supreme Court decision involving Hobby Lobby and contraceptives brought a nationwide protest to the Capitol City.

      Opponents and supporters of the decision voiced their opinion along Missouri Boulevard.

      Members of the Missouri Chapter of the National Organization for Women led the demonstration outside Jefferson Cityâ??s Hobby Lobby store. Protestors disagree with the Supreme Courtâ??s ruling that allows employers to opt out of Obamacare and not pay for womenâ??s contraceptives because of religious objections.

      NOW Board Member Sue Gibson said, â??Women need access to full reproductive health care. Itâ??s simply a matter of health care. Forced motherhood is slavery. We wonâ??t stand for it.â??

      Protestors hope their demonstration raises awareness about the Supreme Courtâ??s decision and publicizes their boycott of Hobby Lobby. While protestors are upset with Hobby Lobby, some people driving by the demonstration were upset with the protestors.

      Bob White was one of several people who heckled Jefferson City protestors. White said women wanting an abortion do not need Hobby Lobbyâ??s health care package because they can easily get one through government funded Planned Parenthood. He said Hobby Lobby still covers 16 out of 20 contraceptives.

      White said, â??Hillary Clinton and others say they donâ??t cover contraceptives. Thatâ??s just not true. Thatâ??s just a bold face lie. You have to say they donâ??t cover four types.â??

      Mondayâ??s ruling was a big victory for the anti-abortion movement and opponents of the Affordable Care Act. They praised the decision as a win for religious freedom. Pro-choice organizations said it denies basic health care to women.

      The National Organization for Women held protests this weekend in Missouri, Kansas, Pennsylvania and California.