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      Historic Van Horn Tavern gets new home

      A tavern built in the early 1800â??s is moving out of Boone County.

      Demolition crews are tearing down the Van Horn Tavern that sits west of Columbia near the Interstate 70 Midway Exit.

      The tavern was the first stopping point for supplies in the frontier days for those traveling west from Columbia along the Boonslick Trail. Today, the historic building is slowly crumbling in the backyard of Pat Dougherty. Dougherty made a deal with a developer to save the old building by taking it apart piece by piece and moving it to a new location. At 80 years old, Dougherty said itâ??s getting too tough to maintain his backyard treasure.

      Dougherty said, â??Itâ??s a relief in the sense that i donâ??t have to stand here any longer and watch it deteriorate. That was always a worry.â??

      Dougherty took care of his historic structure for nearly 40 years. Crews are salvaging everything except for some old shingles. Dougherty said the take down, as he calls it, is bittersweet. He saved the tavern. However, itâ??s moving out of Boone County. The tavern is moving to Bernardo Brunettiâ??s Boone Monument Village in Marthasville, Missouri near St. Louis. The village is a replica of a small frontier town from the mid-1800s. Brunetti said the tavern will be the centerpiece of his development.

      Brunetti said, â??It dates back, almost, to Daniel Boone times in 1829. It is one of the very few taverns left in Missouri. When the opportunity came up, I had to jump!â??

      Brunetti said it will be at least 9 months and possibly a year before the tavern will be reassembled at his frontier town tourist spot.

      Brunetti estimates his total cost for the project to be around $200,000.