Hermann business makes celebrity toys

A small family business in Hermann has grown into an international company.

Workers at Damhorst Toys have been getting orders from celebrities from all over the world for quite some time.

The toy makers were excited to get an order from Beyonce and Jay-Z for their new baby Blue Ivy. They bought a personalized wooden stool with a built-in puzzle.

Damhorst Toys Co-Owner Megin Cassimatis said, â??I would love to say that Jay-Z called and ordered the stool from us. Thatâ??s not exactly how it happened. The first one I remember is when a publicist ordered a toy for Madonnaâ??s oldest child. Thatâ??s how we got started.â??

Workers at Damhorst Toys have made personalized toys for celebrities like Tom Cruise, Adam Sandler, David Letterman, Donald Trump, Conan Oâ??Brien and Julia Roberts.

Meganâ??s parents actually started Damhorst Toys in their basement and eventually made it up to their garage. Today, this business is on the internet selling toys all over the world. Don and Carol Damhorst started the business in 1971. One of their neighbors let them borrow a band saw and the rest is history.

Cassimatis said, â??We probably do about a dozen packages overseas every week. It doesnâ??t sound like a lot, but itâ??s surprising to actually have things going to Great Britain, England or Ireland. Itâ??s really exciting for us.â??

Megin operates the business with her brother Chris. These two siblings still make their toys just like mom and dad used to make.