Haiti earthquake disrupts life of adopted girl

A Jefferson City family is praying for the safety of the Haitian family of their adopted daughter.

Joe and Liz Page have no idea if the biological parents and siblings of their adopted daughter Annie survived the recent earthquake in Haiti.

Liz runs a non-for-profit licensed adoption agency in Jefferson City. The Pages adopted four children from China and a 5 year old girl named Annie from Haiti. The Pages started their adopted family in 1998.

Even though Liz keeps in contact with Annie's family, she does not know if they are alright. Liz said news of the earthquake was devastating but Annie is too young to understand.

Liz doesn't when she will find out any news of Annie TMs biological family in Haiti.

I was in shock," Liz said. "I was just in absolute shock. I also felt how grateful that we were able to have gotten this child out of that country. Granted, it took two and a half years of paperwork and such to get her out, but how grateful I am to save her from that experience in a child TMs young life.

Liz also thinks about the American families that are in the process of adopting Haitian children and the problems that the earthquake is causing them.

Annie first arrived in Jefferson City when she was only 4 years old. Annie turns 6 in May and has no memories of living in Haiti.

Annie spends most of her time playing with older brother William. Liz said that they are happy to have taken Annie away from such a poor country.

Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the western hemisphere," Liz said. "The object poverty that we saw when we were there to pick her up was indescribable. I just can TMt even imagine how this earthquake has further hampered this society that was in disarray even prior to this earthquake coming through.