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      Governor Tours Fulton State Hospital

      Governor Jay Nixon wants to build a new Fulton State Hospital.

      The Governor took a tour of the old facility as he continues his campaign to stop a House bill that he said would prevent vital services, including improvements at the Fulton facility.

      Fulton State Hospital Director of Dietetic Services Sandy Dreyer gave Governor Nixon a tour of her old hospital equipment that needs replacing. The building dates back to the 1930â??s and has leaky ceilings, crumbling floors and even some kitchen equipment from a Korean War battleship. Dreyer is responsible for preparing meals for more than 350 people, three times a day. She wants the governor to find some money for improvements.

      Dreyer said, â??We have a lot of meals going out of here. Itâ??s often challenging to prepare those in a safe environment for our clients. We would really like to see the building be up to date.â??

      Nixon continued his attack against House bill 253, a bill he vetoed last month. With a price tag of more than $800 million a year, Nixon said the bill would undermine the stateâ??s ability to support vital public services, including the Fulton State Hospital.

      Nixon said, â??253 needs to be sustained. If it is, we will release those planning funds and begin the process to do this. If we donâ??t, we wonâ??t. Itâ??s that, pretty simple.â??

      Missouri Republican leaders are expected to override the Governorâ??s veto of House bill 253 during Septemberâ??s Veto Session. Republicans said the Governor is using scare tactics in an attempt to prevent the veto override. Republicans said Missourians need to be aware that the bill provides a reduced tax burden without jeopardizing record levels of state funding. Legislators on both sides of the aisle agree that building a new Fulton State Hospital is a necessary and long, overdue investment. Governor Nixon said thatâ??s not possible, if House bill 253 becomes law. The override of House bill 253 needs a two-thirds vote in both chambers. Republicans have the majority in both the House and Senate.