Governor expects economic boost for New Year

Governor Nixon said improving education improves our economy.

Governor Jay Nixon spent his last day of 2013 looking ahead to the New Year.

The governor said Missourians can expect more support for education and a better economy in 2014.

Governor Nixon would not announce an exact list of priorities for the New Year. He said we must wait for next monthâ??s State of the State Address but hinted that funding for education is on the top of the list.

Nixon said, â??Clearly we believe that an educated workforce is the best economic development tool there is for the state. Investing and improving our education system is a benchmark of where we need to go in 2014.â??

Governor Nixon said improving education includes more training for mental health care workers, lowering the high school drop out rate and keeping tuition costs down for college students. Nixon said improving education improves our economy.

Governor Nixon said he is optimistic about our stateâ??s economy as we enter the New Year. His optimism includes his $1.7 billion incentive plan with Boeing to create new Missouri jobs. 22 states have submitted bids to secure work on Boeingâ??s new 777X jet.

Governor Nixon also pushed for Medicaid expansion in Missouri which was rejected by lawmakers this past year.

The governor said Missourians will spend $2 billion a year or $5 million a day in Medicaid funding to 25 other states beginning January 1.