Glass recycling in the works for Jefferson City

Jefferson City residents could soon be able to drop-off glass for recycling, at no cost to taxpayers or the city. Glass is not currently accepted through the city's recycling program. A new program that's in the works would change that. Jefferson City's 4th Ward Councilperson Carrie Carroll said a Kansas City, Mo company is interested in picking up and taking the glass back to Kansas City where it would be recycled. The company is called Ripple Glass and it's owned in part by the people who make Boulevard Beer. "The good news is, it would be a no-cost drop-off, Carrie Carroll said. People could just take their glass and there would not be a cost to the city to transport it. It would all be done through this Ripple Glass company." The city would have to provide recycle bins for the glass. Officials would also have to find willing local businesses to be host sites for the collection bins.S till, Carroll said once the details can be worked out and the city officially signs off on the plan, the glass recycling service could be available sometime this summer. The city is working on these kinds of solutions for our community, Carroll said. Currently, the closest city to Jefferson City that accepts glass is Columbia.