Freezing drizzle leave roads icy through weekend

Wednesday evening TMs freezing drizzle was caused by fluctuating temperatures.

A warm front from the south mixed with the below average cold air already over the area causing the moist air to freeze. The rain melted as it fell to the ground and then froze again at the surface.

The icy roads caused multiple wrecks along major highways.

Wednesday night, a tractor trailer slid off the road, shutting down I-70 for a couple of hours. At least one fatal crash was reported, a 54-year-old woman from Fulton died after the car she was in slid off the road. (Read more)

Missouri Department of Transportation has updated traffic information on its website about crashes and road conditions. Drivers are asked to be cautious as they drive this weekend because roads will remain icy until Monday.

Temperatures will slowly climb to above freezing, eventually go into the 40s by early next week.

While a bulk of the moisture is out of the area, enough remains to keep clouds overhead through the weekend. However, no forms of precipitation should be coming into Mid-Missouri.

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