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      Former Columbia cop fights to get job back

      Sanders asked for his job back from the cityâ??s Personnel Advisory Board.

      A former Columbia police officer is hoping to get his job back.

      A 2011 surveillance video shows Rob Sanders pushing a prisoner into a holding cell and injuring the head and back of Ken Baker.

      Sanders was fired over the incident and was charged with assault.

      Last month, he was found not guilty of the crime.

      Today, Sanders asked for his job back from the city??s Personnel Advisory Board.

      Both Sanders and Police Chief Ken Burton testified under oath before the board.

      Sanders said he did nothing wrong when he pushed Baker into a holding cell wall.

      Board members looked at the surveillance tape of the incident from 4 different camera angles.

      Sanders said Baker was acting dangerous just before he pushed him and chained him to the floor.

      Burton said the video evidence doesn??t match Sanders?? story.

      The board must make a recommendation within the next 10 working days after looking at testimony and evidence.

      City Manager Mike Matthes must make a final decision on Sanders?? reinstatement within 30 days after getting the board??s recommendation.