Foreclosure rates are up some in Jefferson City

A new housing report out indicates foreclosure rates in the Jefferson City area are up a little from 2009.

The CoreLogic website said the foreclosure rate was .48% in November of 2009, and in the same month last year rose to .68%.

So KRCG spoke with realtors to find out if they are concerned.

House after house facing foreclosure is something many people don't want to see or experience.

But according to the website CoreLogic, it's happening more often in Jefferson City.

Jefferson City's Board of Realtors admits foreclosures rose a little in 2010, but they're not concerned.

They said for this year, the foreclosure rate is pretty low.

"I think there TMs 28 on the market that are identified as foreclosures out of 686 listings. So again there is a very small percentage of our active listings that are even foreclosures, President of Jefferson City Board of Realtors Dana Wildhaber said.

Wildhaber said in 2010 realtors sold a little more than thousand single family homes and a hundred of those, banks foreclosed on.

He thinks the main reason for the foreclosures is because families are not able to afford what they bought.

"What we're seeing are those who mostly bought houses that probably shouldn't have. They over bought for their income at the time, Wildhaber said. They took out a mortgage that they were really not prepared to fulfill."

Hawthorn Bank said in 2010 they had just a handful of foreclosures in Jefferson City.

The East Region President said that's because the bank tries to stay in touch with its customers.

"Being a community bank, we look to communicate with the customer, as well we expect the customer to communicate with us when they have certain issues with making payments on time, Hawthorn Bank East Region President Jim Vossen said.

Both Vossen and Wildhaber want everyone to know if you are having trouble making payments on your house you should let your lender know, so they can work something out with you.