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      Filipino market helps typhoon victims

      Meechuâ??s Filipino Market owner Jun Gatica said the tragic video from his homeland inspired him to accept relief donations at his store.

      Authorities estimate more than 10,000 people were killed during Friday??s typhoon in the Philippines.

      While survivors of the typhoon pick through what??s left of their homes, those with loved ones in that area can only watch and hope for the best.Columbia??s Filipino Community comes to Meechu??s Filipino Market for a taste of home. There??s a bitter taste in their mouths these days as they watch news coverage of the typhoon aftermath in the Philippines. Anecita Sancho??s mother, brother and sister live in one of the hardest hit cities.

      Sancho said, ??I spoke to my brother for about 2 minutes after 8 attempts to call him because the signal there is really, really bad. I told him all that I wanted to hear was that they were O.K. and everybody is alive. He said everybody is alive, but we don??t know about my aunt, my uncle and my other relatives in the surrounding area.??

      Meechu??s Filipino Market owner Jun Gatica said his close friends are some of the 2 million people affected by the typhoon. Gatica said his store is like a hub for the Mid-Missouri Filipino Community. He invites anyone to come in. He said the tragic video from his homeland inspired him to accept relief donations at his store.

      Sancho said, ??For those families that have nothing at all and don??t have anybody from other countries to support them, we need to focus on them. Hopefully, we can do our best here in the United States to help them out.??

      Sancho??s Missouri Filipino organization, the National Federation of Filipino American Associations or NAFFAA, is accepting donations at Columbia??s Meechu??s Filipino Market at 1301 Vandiver Drive and Fulton??s Oriental Mart at 1311 South Business Highway 54.

      You can also call Sancho at 660-888-1429 for more information on how you can help.