Fifth day of landfill search for clues in Cray's disappearance

The Jefferson City Police are continuing their work of searching the Jefferson City landfill for clues in the disappearance of 23 year-old Christopher Cray.

Police have spent the past four days digging through mounds of waste at the Jefferson City Landfill. Captain Doug Shoemaker said Sunday afternoon that they have no new updates that they are able to release at this time.

Captain Shoemaker said they will continue to investigate and search for evidence as well as follow other leads that have surfaced.

Sunday marked day five of the painstaking search for evidence in the landfill of what happened to Cray, who has been missing since May 20th.

Captain Shoemaker said police are staffing the sites they are searching at the landfill 24 hours a day until their search concludes.

Search teams did find some clues at the landfill Friday, but police would not reveal what they found; only saying that it is related to the investigation of Crayâ??s disappearance.

Gale Blomenkamp of Missouri Task Force One said his departmentâ??s cadaver dogs were not called in for Friday or Saturdayâ??s portion of the search.

Captain Shoemaker said the police department is pursuing a number of leads in the case, and that the department will provide regular updates on their progress in the investigation.

Two people have already been arrested in connection with Crayâ??s disappearance. Adam Moore-Duncan faces a charge of tampering with physical evidence. He allegedly moved a body two days after Cray disappeared. Richard love is facing a charge of tampering with a victim or witness in relation to the case.

Captain Shoemaker said the Jefferson City Police are putting every resource they have towards finding Cray, from Detectives to Community Service Officers. He said the search of the city's landfill will continue until further notice.

Police are asking anyone with clues or information on the whereabouts of Christopher Cray to call the Jefferson City Police Department.