Few state employees show up on Black Friday

For the first time in more than two decades, state workers did not get a holiday today for the day after Thanksgiving.

Governor Jay Nixon TMs decision to cancel the holiday caused some confusion, and in some cases, anger with state employees.

Missouri Senate Workers got a Black Friday holiday because Senate Staff work on other holidays during the legislative session. Over at the Missouri House, it was up to each State Representative to decide whether staff members got the day off. Most of the house offices had locked doors. House Human Resources Officials say a final count of how many people took vacation days or called in sick will be available when state employees turn in their time sheets for this pay period.

Human Resource Analyst Pattie Wehmeier said, It has been very, very quiet today. I got a lot of work done. I haven TMt had many phone calls at all.

It was the same situation over at the Truman State Office Building. Most of the state employees here used a vacation day for Black Friday. Lynn Bock was one of the few state workers to show up for work.

State Employee Lynn Bock said, It TMs pretty quiet. It TMs been going by pretty fast, though. It TMs not too long of a day, so far.

KRCG News received several anonymous e-mails from state workers asking us to check into a rumor that the Governor and his staff would have the day off on Black Friday without taking any leave time. It turns out, the Governor and most of his staff chose to work.

Nixon and some of his staff members were at work at the State Capitol Building and across the state.

Governor Spokesman Sam Murphey said, Today is a work day for Governor Nixon. He got up this morning and met with veterans and employees of the State Veteran TMs Home in Mount Vernon. He also did a law enforcement and public safety round table with Highway Patrol Troopers down in Springfield.

State workers will be back at full force on Monday.

Nixon announced he would not sign an executive order making the day after Thanksgiving a holiday back in May.