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      Ferguson spending Christmas in Florida

      Bill Ferguson said the toughest transition after his sonâ??s release has been adjusting to less stress.

      Ryan Ferguson will spend his first Christmas out of prison with his family in Florida.

      Ferguson spent 10 years behind bars for the 2001 murder of Columbia sportswriter Kent Heitholt before an appeals court overturned his conviction.

      Now that Ryan is free, his father Bill Ferguson said his family Christmas looks like it??s going to be under Florida sunshine at his in-laws. Ferguson said Ryan??s thanksgiving was wonderful and predicts Christmas will even be better for his son with his grandparents.

      Bill Ferguson said, ??It was emotional being together for Thanksgiving. I think we are still in shock at that point and probably still are. It??s just going to be so exciting as a family to be together after all of this time. There was a time when a lot of people thought it would never happen.??

      Ferguson said the toughest transition after his son??s release has been adjusting to less stress.

      Ferguson said, ??It??s just not constantly working on the case. It??s like I??ve retired. It??s like I go down to the factory and it??s not open anymore. The job is done. It??s completed.??

      Ferguson said his son is so happy about being free this Christmas, Ryan doesn??t care if Santa brings him anything at all.

      Ryan Ferguson will continue job hunting after the holidays.

      Facebook flew him to Los Angeles for an interview and CBS News interviewed him for a position in New York.