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      Fast food strike continues

      Protestors gathered in front of Columbiaâ??s Business Loop 70 Burger King restaurant.

      One year after the first strike hit the nation??s fast-food industry Columbia workers once again walked off their jobs today and joined a 100 city strike wave.

      Some Columbia fast food workers said the fight for $15 an hour and the right to form a union without retaliation continues to grow.

      Protestors gathered in front of Columbia??s Business Loop 70 Burger King restaurant.

      Ann Quarles walked off her job at a Columbia Hardee??s restaurant.

      Quarles said she struggles to pay her bills while corporate executives keep wages low.

      Quarles said, ??They are making millions and millions of dollars. We??re sitting out here making the money for them. They should give us some of the money because we are making all of this for you. Why can??t you give some of it back???

      Columbia has about 2,300 fast food workers with an average hourly wage of about $8.50.