Family mourns Fulton man killed in drunk driving accident

Members of a 25 year-old man killed in a drunk driving accident came together Saturday at Heartland Church of the Nazerene in Fulton, for a spaghetti dinner and bake sale in his honor.

The family hopes to use proceeds of the dinner to help pay funeral expenses.

The family of 25 year-old Shane Stewart are calling his death a senseless tragedy that could have been avoided.

Stewart's girlfriend and mother of his two children choked back years as she explained how her life and the lives of her two children are forever changed.

"It's very stressful," said Ashley Kerschner. "They comfort me any way they can, I comfort them. It's hard, but they want their dad. My daughters no longer have a father to be there for them, to raise them, to comfort them."

Stewart's cousin described Stewart as the light of her life. "He was a great kid. Everybody loved him, it was a big loss to us," said Faun Vandeloecht.

Stewart was working in Pennsylvania when he was killed in early September. Family members say Stewart and his best friend had gone out for a night of drinking and got into an argument about who would drive home from a fast-food restaurant. When Stewart's friend insisted on driving, Stewart positioned himself in front of the car to stop him.

At that point, the night out turned tragic when his friend decided to run Stewart over.

Stewart died after being struck.

Family members say his former best friend is now in jail.

As members of Stewart's family grapple with their loss and try to move forward, they want members of the community to think about their decisions.

"Don't drink and drive," Vandeloecht said.

"Walk home if you have to. Call a cab, call a friend. There are so many options."