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      Fair weather at Missouri State Fair

      People at the Missouri State Fair this weekend could not ask for better weather.

      Members of the Larrick family are just some of thousands of people from across the state enjoying cooler weather at this yearâ??s event.

      Tim Larrick said, â??Usually in August it is really hot. Sometimes, itâ??s raining a lot. This year it is awful cool. We had a nice rain for the crops and livestock. Itâ??s just a great year to come to the Missouri State Fair.â??

      It was a soggy start during the first day of the fair. Now things are drying out and a blanket of clouds are keeping fair goers cooler.

      Carrie North said, â??Every time that we come it is so hot. The weather today is just gorgeous.â??

      Jesse Adkins said, â??Itâ??s nice and cool. Itâ??s just right. We are all enjoying it.â??

      Missouri State Fair officials expect record crowds this year as the temperatures remain cooler. Rain or shine, the Missouri State Fair will bring 11 days of family fun.

      Missouri State Fair Director Mark Wolfe said, â??It has dried up and attendance looks pretty good. We were up a little bit yesterday and down just a hair on opening day.â??

      Carnival rides open at noon on weekdays and 11:00 a.m. on weekends.