Eldon High School's FFA Deparment wins National Championship

Eldon High School's FFA Department won its first national championship.

Last week, six students competed in the competition for parliamentary procedure, the rules that govern meetings.

It all started in the classroom where many practice sessions lead Eldon TMs FFA Parliamentary Procedure Team all the way to Indianapolis this past weekend to get a national title.

"There were 44 schools that showed up and our team, one team, got to take home the national championship. So it's pretty exciting and unbelievable that you get to have that feeling, FFA Parliamentary Procedure Secretary Jill Blankenship said. It TMs something you'll remember forever."

So what does the parliamentary procedure team do during their competition?

"What we have to do is, we have ten and half minutes to display on how to run a meeting; using different motions that they either provide us with or that we have to come up with on our own," FFA Parliamentary Procedure Chairman Payton Atteberry said.

Atteberry said that he also won the only Outstanding Chairman Award at the national convention.

He was excited about the individual award, but more excited about winning the team title.

"I was pretty excited. I remember our team saying that were going to try not to get excited when they announced the 2nd place team; knowing that we were first and if we had won, Atteberry said. But the second they announced the 2nd place team, half our team was jumping up and down screaming. It was definitely exhilarating."

Each student received $1,000 and plaque. The school will display two plaques and the winning banners.

"We've been working up to this, and I think if you add all the things that have been going on in our agriculture department, our FFA program over the last thirty years you can maybe see why it came to winning a national championship," Eldon FFA Advisor Matt Biddle said.