Double murder in Capital leads to arrest

Police said the manhunt is over in a double murder in the Capital City.

Authorities in Oklahoma arrested David Hosier, 54, of Jefferson City.

The arrest came about eight hours after the murder. The Tahlequah Daily Press reported he attempted to flee when the sheriff's office, Oklahoma Highway Patrol, Tahlequah Police and Oklahoma Scenic Rivers Commission rangers tried to stop his vehicle.

Hosier is in the Cherokee County Detention Center in Tahlequah, Okla. Jefferson City police are on their way to Oklahoma to interview Hosier.

Police said Hosier's quick capture was thanks to an all-points-bulletin, APB, they sent out to law enforcement agencies across the country to look for the 2000 Black Pontiac Grand-Am he was driving.

He was arrested for the murders of Rodney Gilpin, 61, and Angela Gilpin, 45.

The couple was found shot to death around 3:30 this morning in the entry way of their apartment building in the 1100 block of West High Street.

"We received a 911 call from a resident of the building who stated that she was concerned that she saw her neighbors lying in the doorway or the hallway of an apartment in this building," Jefferson City Police Department Capt. Mike Smith said.

Angie Gilpin's mother said her daughter was probably leaving for her job at a Wardsville Convenience store when she was gunned down.

Police said it was Hosier, her neighbor, waiting for her as she left her apartment for work.

Hosier would have known when Angie normally left; the two reportedly had a relationship while Angie was estranged from her husband.

Angie's mother said her daughter and her husband were getting back together, which is why he was at her apartment this morning.

Family and police said that may have been motive for the murder.

"What little we do know is that the relationship was tumultuous and that the female victim did not want a relationship with Hosier, Smith said.

Police said Hosier lived on West Main Street in an apartment building on the same property as the building where the murders happened.

The landlord said he was evicting Hosier because of he was bothering Angie.

Angie's mother also said that Hosier had been harassing her daughter over the past couple of months.

Police said they found ammunition inside of Hosier's apartment.

The landlord was terribly upset this happened on his property. And that he didn't know Hosier had out-of -state warrants for his arrest.

The murders put the entire neighborhood, including nearby Heisinger Bluffs retirement home, on high alert.

It TMs the first thing we do, Smith said. As you can see from the amount of crime tape out here, we TMve secured quite an area just to make sure that we TMve got any possible evidence covered. The officers are out doing a neighborhood canvas.

Police quickly went door to door with flashlights looking for the killer and asking neighbors if they saw anything.

"The police, when I got home this morning, asked me about all of this stuff because I guess, what they said, the murder was about 3:30, neighbor Brian Truedonnelly. So it TMs sort of scary that I was out there about that time. But I didn't really see anything."

Hosier is originally from Jefferson City and has family there.

Angie Gilpin leaves behind adult children.