Dog park fun and a terrifying car wash

Milo playing with a new buddy, Trent.

Milo and I didn TMt have the most exciting of adventures this weekend, but I did learn 2 things|1) He TMs a little shy around new dogs, and2) He doesn TMt like car washes

Sunday afternoon I decided to take him to the dog park. Last week we went to Twin Lakes (you can read about that muddy experience here), so this week I decided to take him to the Garth dog park. It TMs the only other off-leash, fenced-in dog park in Columbia.

Garth is much smaller than Twin Lakes and not as busy, so overall I think it was a better fit for Milo. There were just too many dogs at Twin Lakes| it was overwhelming for him.

It was a bit of a slow start though. Within 5 minutes of us getting there I lost track of him while I was setting my stuff down on a bench. I looked over to see him sitting on ANOTHER bench smack dab in the middle of 2 strangers| just hanging out like they were all best buds. He TMs such a people dog!

After that it took a solid 30 minutes for him to get comfy with the canines. I was getting to the point where I thought about leaving because it didn TMt seem like he was having much fun, but that TMs when he met a new friend.

I think his name was Trent. He was a beagle-mix that looked a lot like Milo. They were similar in size and coloring and the 2 hit it off! A woman even told me she thought they were brothers because they played like long-time friends.

Right as I was trying to wrangle in Milo to leave, he started befriending a giant Great Dane. I know Milo is intimidated by bigger dogs, so I let him hang with the Dane for a few. I was surprised how at ease he was with that massive dog! So proud! J

After that visit I figured out Milo is quick to warm up to people, but a little slow when it comes to pooches. I at least know he TMs not completely afraid of other dogs, big and small| he loves playing with our neighbors Max (a Boxer), Leo (a German Shepherd), and Little Dude (a teeny tiny Chihuahua).

On the way home from the dog park, I decided to get a car wash. (Is anyone else TMs windshield plastered with bugs? It TMs not even summer yet!) I figured Milo would get a little scared, but that he would be fine while we went through the automatic wash. Wow did I underestimate that! Not only did the outside of my car get cleaned, but so did the inside|

Right as the water started to spray the side doors he BOLTED into the backseat. I let him sit back there for a few seconds, but decided he needed to come back up to the front seat. While trying to move him next to me, I noticed my hand became wet, and there was a puddle in the backseat| sigh|

Poor little guy got so scared, it, well| emptied him (to put it nicely). I felt so bad for him, but I couldn TMt stop laughing. I wish I would have gotten a picture of his terrified face, but again, I was giggling and consoling.

I promised Milo I would never take him through a car wash again. EVER!

On a side note, here is a video I took of Milo getting his own first bath. Looking back, he was so tiny! He was about 3 months old here. Watching this video again makes me laugh because of the sad little noises he made.


Milo isn TMt the only pet living under our roof. I also have a cat, Bailey (who was here first by the way). The 2 aren TMt friends, but we got a step closer to improving their relationship this weekend. I TMll tell you more about the special project we completed tomorrow.

Stay tuned for more!