DGB will not face criminal charges

Columbia police said no one is pressing charges against the star wide receiver.

Mizzou football player Dorial Green-Beckham will not be arrested for his suspected involvement in a burglary case.

Columbia police said no one is pressing charges against the star wide receiver.

Police said Green-Beckham forced his way into a womanâ??s Brookside apartment in South Columbia Sunday morning. A police report indicates Green-Beckham assaulted a different female in the apartment by pushing her down at least 4 stairs. The report shows both accusers did not want to press charges when interviewed by police.

Columbia Assistant Police Chief Jill Schlude said, â??Based on that interview, as well as the other witnesses we could identify and speak with, there was no probable cause to believe a domestic assault occurred. We couldnâ??t meet the threshold for arresting anyone.â??

Police considered charging Green-Beckham with burglary because they thought he unlawfully entered a residence with the purpose of committing a crime.

Schlude said, â??It seems like everybody that we talked to said that they were drinking. There was a lot of commotion. A lot of people were unsure about what happened when. We couldnâ??t find a witness that said yes x, y and z happened.â??

The 19-page police report shows one woman didnâ??t press charges against Green-Beckham because she didnâ??t want to deal with â??the media and community backlashâ?? due to Green-Beckhamâ??s status as a football player.

Green-Beckham has been arrested twice before on drug-related charges.

Coach Gary Pinkel indefinitely suspended him from the Mizzou football team for team violations.