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      Demolition crew accidentally finds historic sign

      Stephens College offered a flying school at the old airport from the 1940â??s through the 1960â??s.

      A demolition crew accidentally found a piece of Columbia??s aviation history.

      Workers found an old sign for the "Stephens College Aviation Department" hidden by behind some bricks.

      The 43-foot long by 2-foot tall steel beam sign was part of an old building that was most recently used as a repair garage for Parks and Recreation vehicles on Business Loop 70.

      Columbia??s Parks Management Center was the home to Columbia Municipal Airport back in the 1920??s.

      Stephens College offered a flying school at the old airport from the 1940??s through the 1960??s.

      City leaders are working with Stephens College officials to figure out where they want to display the sign.

      Columbia Public Works spokesman Steve Sapp said, ??Stephens College may have a building coming up where they could repurpose it into that building. There??s been a lot of talk about either a remodel of the current Columbia Regional Airport terminal or a new terminal. It could perhaps become an element of the terminal renovation or new terminal.??

      City officials hired a tow truck company to move the sign to a maintenance facility building at the Columbia Regional Airport.

      The sign is outside and wrapped in a tarp.

      City officials plan to move the sign indoors sometime next week as they decide on a permanent location.