Curators make progress on Courey case

University leaders said they didnâ??t know about the alleged sexual assault of Sasha Menu Courey until after she committed suicide.

University of Missouri Curators are closer to hiring an outside law firm to review the schoolâ??s handling of circumstances that eventually led to a former Mizzou swimmerâ??s 2011 suicide.

School leaders hope to hire an outside firm within the new few weeks in the case of Sasha Menu Courey.

University leaders said they didnâ??t know about the alleged sexual assault of Courey until after she committed suicide. School officials said they followed the law and didnâ??t have specific knowledge of the attack or a victim to interview. Several firms have contacted University leaders after the Curators approved University President Tim Wolfeâ??s request for an independent legal inquiry into the case. Chief Communications Ffficer for the UM System John Fougere said the Curators are making progress on hiring outside counsel.

Fougere said, â??Weâ??ve had some firms that have contacted us. We want to make sure that the board does its due diligence in choosing the correct firm that is independent and doesnâ??t have any contracts with the University of Missouri. It is critically important that it is perceived as independent.â??

University leaders said they will accept offers and conduct their own search for outside counsel.

Curators said they are moving as fast as they can with the investigation. They expect to have a complete report from an outside firm at the next meeting on April 11 in Rolla.

The Sasha Menu Courey story got national attention after ESPN questioned how University leaders handled her alleged rape and suicide.