Confusion surrounded Ferguson release

Ryan Ferguson said he was still confused during his news conference at Columbiaâ??s Tiger Hotel.

There was much confusion surrounding the release of Ryan Ferguson.

Authorities sent the Ferguson family to 3 locations before Ryan saw his freedom.

The Fergusons were overjoyed as they entered the Jefferson City Correctional Center where Ryan spent the last 8 years.

Ryanâ??s mother Leslie Ferguson said, â??I just started screaming. I just couldnâ??t believe it. I was so excited.â??

Their joy didnâ??t last long when they found out Ryan had to go to someplace else for his release.

Ryanâ??s father Bill Ferguson said, â??They are not going to release him from this institution. They are going to release him from the Boone County Courthouse as if that would make any difference.â??

The Fergusons drove to the courthouse only to find out things changed again. This time, authorities told them Ryan would be transported to the Boone County Jail for his release.

Bill Ferguson said, â??This is a mad, mad justice system. Nobody knows there left foot from their right foot.â??

After much confusion, Ryan left the Boone County Jail as a free man. His attorney was upset by the dayâ??s confusion at the prison when Ryan put on his civilian clothes for the first time.

Fergusonâ??s attorney Kathleen Zellner said, â??The warden came in and said we have another court order. You gotta take those clothes off and put back on your orange jumpsuit. It was one of the worst experiences of my life and Iâ??m sure for him it was just awful.â??

Ryan said he was still confused during his news conference at Columbiaâ??s Tiger Hotel.

Ryan Ferguson said, â??You donâ??t know what is going to happen next with your life. When I got into Boone County I didnâ??t know whether they would try to re-arrest me. Itâ??s not over until itâ??s over.â??

Today was the first time Ryan Ferguson was out from behind bars since his arrest in 2004.