Community mourns death of Eyana White

Members of the community who knew 12 year-old Eyana White gathered at Lewis and Clark Middle School Monday night to mourn her death and offer each other support.

Eyana died Tuesday, December 17. Police are still investigating the circumstances surrounding the girl's death, but it is believed that she took her own life.

People who knew her seemed sad and distraught at the vigil Monday evening. Her friends were especially hard hit by the Eyana's death.

"I'm upset," said Josh Houston. "She was kind, the best person. She was like a best friend."

"She could have just come and talked to me because she would usually come and talk to me about everything," said Eyana's friend Celsey Fowler. "I think it was a very bad idea. She shouldn't have done it. She should have just come to somebody."

Eyana's classmate Casey Kramer described Eyana as someone who everybody liked and wanted to be around.

"She was the person who would brighten up your day as soon as she walked into the room, with her smile and her laugh. I don't remember there ever being a time when she wasn't smiling or laughing."

Although many people at Eyana's vigil called for the issue of bullying to be addressed by school officials, Jefferson City Police still don't know the circumstances surrounding her death.

"Right now it's a hard time for the family," said Tammy Johnson, Eyana's great aunt. "We're dealing with the loss of a 12 year-old who felt the best way to end her suffering was to end her life."

Johnson said her family may never completely understand why Eyana died, since the only person who could explain that is gone.