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      Columbia students return to campuses

      Tens of thousands of college students returned to Columbia this week for the upcoming fall semester.

      Blair Oaks Graduate Karinna Seidel is moving into Schurz Hall on the Mizzou Campus with a friend from a high school. Sheâ??s just one of thousands of freshman moving to Columbia this week on the Mizzou, Columbia College and Stephens College campuses.

      Seidel said, â??I am really satisfied. We got it all moved around. It was a little small, but then we kind of moved stuff around so itâ??s not that bad anymore.â??

      Mizzou students started moving into the dorms on Wednesday. Karinnaâ??s mom Lorri lived in this same dorm back in the eighties.

      Lorri Seidel said, â??Well, it has air-conditioning now. Thatâ??s definitely a positive. It has a lot of remodeling with different things. The room is about the same size as it ever was. Itâ??s pretty cool that sheâ??s staying in the same place that I had been.â??

      More than 34,000 Mizzou students are back in Columbia for a new school year. Thatâ??s not counting faculty, staff and University employees. Their return means more traffic across the entire city.

      Alicia Brent said the return of the students means Columbia becomes more energetic with Tiger Football, fraternity and sorority events and more displays of Tiger black and gold. She also says it means longer lines at the supermarket and longer trips around town.

      Brent said, â??It does end up becoming a little bit of a problem. Streets have a little bit more traffic. There are more pedestrians. There are more bicycles. It gets a little bit harder because you have to leave about 10 or 15 minutes earlier to get to your destination.â??

      Mizzou has experienced record numbers of freshmen during the past several years. School administrators expect another record amount this year.

      Mizzou freshmen have to live on campus and are given higher priority for housing.