Columbia march protests Israeli attacks

Demonstrators carried â??Stop the Bombsâ?? signs urging Israel to cease attacks on Gaza.

Dozens of protesters marched through the streets of Downtown Columbia to show their opposition to military strikes on the Gaza Strip.

Demonstrators carried â??Stop the Warâ?? signs urging Israel to cease attacks on Gaza.

They ended their march at the Columbia offices of Senators Claire McCaskill and Roy Blunt.

They want congress to pressure Israeli leaders to immediately stop military action upon Gaza as a first step to a mutual cease-fire.

Jeff Frey said, â??I want to stand in solidarity with the resistance against all of these rockets and bombs that are killing innocent women and children and human beings that deserve peace.â??

Columbiaâ??s demonstration was among at least 200 protests of the Israeli attacks in American cities and dozens of countries since Saturday.