Columbia Black Round Table opposes curfew

Leaders of Columbia TMs black community said they don TMt want a to enforce a curfew.

The Columbia Black Round Table said they are opposed to State Sen. Kurt Schaefer TMs proposed bill that would put a curfew in place for 17-year-olds and younger.

Schaefer TMs bill would allow Missouri county officials to create curfews with misdemeanor penalties if the curfew was broken.

However, community leaders said Sen. Schaefer never consulted them before proposing his curfew legislation

I TMm very disappointed that he would not have discussed it with the Columbia community prior to introducing it, knowing that the community has expressed widespread opposition to it, NAACP President Mary Ratliff said.

Members of the Columbia Black Round Table said they will meet with Sen. Schaefer in the near future to discuss their concerns about the possibility of a curfew in Columbia.